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Discover the Dam Brewhouse

Apr 26, 2023 01:11PM ● By Rachael Gomez

Community is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living within a larger society.” This word perfectly sums up the environment created by John Anderson and Sarah Dreshaj at The Dam Brewhouse .

Anderson, a twenty-year home brewer and former fine arts photographer, and Dreshaj, a former gardener and outdoor enthusiast came together to form this new community in 2018 after feeling the need to create something more rewarding in their lives. 

“We started the brewhouse as a place for locals to gather over a beer, a place to meet your neighbor, a place where our small town can gather,” Anderson explained.

John, the “mad scientist” of the duo, is constantly working to showcase new and exciting beers to this neighborhood spot. With four staple beers on tap, Freestyle, a New England-Style IPA, Dam Delight, an American Light Lager, Mud Puddle, a Dry Irish Stout and Party Animal, an Imperial IPA, as well as a large rotation of seasonal and one-off selections, there is truly a beer for anyone and everyone who shows up.

“Our specialty is variety,” Anderson explained. “That beer you had last time probably won’t be available next time, but something just as delicious will be!”

And it’s not just the beer creating this sense of community. Hippo Press recently awarded this duo-led brewhouse with the Best Outdoor Patio, Best Place to Meet a New Best Friend, and the Best Place to Let Your Dog Off Leash. With a delightful Bier Garten, outdoor area and pond, covered patio, and a camper they call their Bierkeller (beer cellar), it's no wonder they were spotlighted with these awards. 

As Dreshaj, the Happy Happenings Director of Dam Brewhouse says, “Dogs + Beer + Outdoors = New Friends.”

And this team is not just creating a community at their Brewhouse itself. They are working on huge sustainability efforts to service the greater community of New Hampshire. In fact, they just recently signed a contract for the next three years for 100% renewable energy. 

“As we get into 2023, our hope is to work on some efficiency updates so we may reduce our water and energy footprint,” the duo explained. “Beer brewing is a contributor of greenhouse gasses by co-production of CO2, which most breweries release. We would like to change that.”

The team has recently visited Stoneface Brewing, which has started to capture their CO2 and is exploring doing something similar at Dam Brewhouse.

 So what else is on the horizon for this hometown highlight? John has taken a 2023 New Beers Challenge to make beers out of ideas he gets from the Brewhouse community. His first for the year was Nilla Enuf, a Cream Ale made with fifteen pounds of Nilla Wafers. He also has been working on Scotch Ale that he has named Wee Stones Under Kilt. Next on his list is a real Butterbeer for all his Harry Potter fans.

For those who haven't had an opportunity to visit and try the lineup at Dam Brewhouse and see the community that Sarah and John have created, they have an event lineup with something for everyone. 


From their Turkey Trot, which raised over $3000 last year for first responders, to the Fourth of July Party complete with three different patriotic beer features, it truly doesn’t seem like there is a bad time to stop in and join this community. Who knows, you just may end up making a new best friend. 

Dam Brewhouse

1323 New Hampshire Rte 175

Campton, NH 03223


Rachael Gomez is an Illinois native, who has spent that last decade living her best Texas life. She has over a decade in the wine, spirits and craft beer world. Her passion is seeing the memories people create over a glass of their favorite beverage and showcasing the stories and people behind those products.