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Paws Patrol

Apr 08, 2023 11:12AM ● By Janani Varatharajan



Golden Retriever 

5 years old 

Barketing Manager / Promo Pup 

“Chip” is full of ideas and finds himself cast in many of our brand videos and social media content. He loves the camera, people, and finds pride in doing what he’s told.


 Golden Retriever 

2 years old 

Head of Puplick Relations

 Rooty is the company greeter, full of passion and bountiful energy. He makes sure everyone is having a good day and giving him belly rubs. 


Black Labrador 

11 years old 

Senior Pawject Manager

 Porter lays down the law at BBC and keeps the other pups in line. He acts as security and makes sure everyone has process to follow, always involving treats.



11 Years Old CEO (Cat Executive Officer)

Meet Mitzy. She has been with us since 2014 and is almost 12 years old. Mitzy was the protector of the grain and night security officer at our second, warehouse-style location. Since moving to our new building in 2019 she has taken on more CEO-like duties and hangs out in the main office areas and wanders the brewery by night. Mitzy has a Russian Imperial Stout series named after her. She is loved by all employees and customers and has really made a name for herself within the 603 brand.



 10 years old 

Golden-Pyrenees mix

 Remy, a Golden-Pyrenees mix, was adopted weeks after Rockingham Brewing Company opened in 2015. During his tenure at the brewery, he has helped with just about every - thing from quality control to checking IDs in the taproom. His favorite task is brewing his annual birthday beer, aptly named ‘Remy’s Double IPA’, from which he donates a percentage of the proceeds to assist local animals. Since he just turned 10 this year, 10% of the proceeds will go to help the Greater Derry Humane Society.