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Aug 31, 2022 02:40PM ● By TAY GREENLEAF

“We don’t hide behind the term Natural Flavor,” says Buena Gàve Founder Steve Poirer, “We like to tell you exactly what you are drinking.” Having real ingredients has become somewhat of a philosophy to Steve who, since 2020, has been creating only the most “South of the Border” certified canned spirits possible. Coming from a background in wine and spirits, Steve was always drawn to agave based spirits and found his interest was untapped potential. “In the northeast there weren’t a lot of canned cocktails that were available and used only real ingredients, so during the pandemic I found a group who believed in making it something bigger.” 

 Based in Manchester, Buena Gàve has quickly made its mark in the canned cocktail world in its first year. Now boasting a top 10 spot in Seltzer Nation, the leading reviewer for canned seltzers in the country, for the canned cocktail Ranch Water, they are finding that the simpler the ingredients the better. “If it's not on the can, it's not in the can,” says Steve, “We go by the saying “ zero fake sh*t.” 

 Being dedicated to only natural ingredients, Buena Gàve currently has two canned spirits on the market, both of which use only fresh fruit juices, and agave straight from Jalisco, Mexico. Ranch Water, their first flavor, is a take on the West Texas classic that consists of agave spirit, soda water, lime, and a dash of salt. Their second, Cantarito Spritz serves inspiration straight from the source of the agave spirit, Jalisco, Mexico and as Steve describes, “tastes like someone poured tequila in your mimosa.” Despite their tequila roots, both cans are a refreshing 5% ABV and the ingredients are pasteurized rather than using preservatives, so nothing is added other than what you can taste.

 While keeping their products as clean as possible, Buena Gàve sets their philosophy to things beyond the beverage. As a member of 1% for the Planet, the company contributes annual sales to environmental causes such as climate change. “We believe that what comes from Mother Earth is good for us, and needs to be protected,” says Steve. “I see people starting to pay attention to what they consume and I don’t doubt this concept will start to become a part of the beverage industry as well.”



Manchester, NH