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603 Brewery - Food, Friends, and Fermentation passion for brewing.

Jul 08, 2022 03:33PM ● By William Grey

603 Brewery is a staple in the New Hampshire craft beer world. Holding a formidable spot in New Hampshire's top 10 beer breweries, this group of talented brewers proudly serves their finest creations to the New England area. However, it’s taken nearly a decade for them to get to where they are now. 

It all started as a passion project for the three UMass Dartmouth best friends who shared a love for home brewing. Geoff Hewes, Tamsin Hewes, and Dan Leonard each graduated with engineering degrees (Geoff and Tamsin later married), and entered the workforce. They never gave up their passion for brewing. After graduating, they managed to find time to brew professionally on top of their day jobs. The trio started in 2012 driving to their accounts after work and fulfilling orders from the trunks of their cars. Even with their low-scale operation, their talent was recognized; The Winni Amber Ale, one of their first flagship brews, remains a top seller to this day. 

 603 knew they couldn’t remain a small operation for long. In 2014, they relocated from Campton to Londonderry, NH. This new, larger space allowed them to continue scaling up their operation and create new beers. This is when everything really started to come together. They were finally able to quit their day jobs to focus on the brewery full time and hired a team to assist with concept and production. They also partnered with two distributors to help get their product on shelves and in bars. 603 remained in this location for five years, until 2019, when they moved to an even larger location in Londonderry, where they remain to this day.


 603’s main line of beers are all instant classics, but serious beer lovers won’t want to miss their E09 line. Their talented team of brewers are given freedom to express their creativity through beer, and the results are unforgettable. The current E09 tap rotation includes a pickle sour, a milkshake sour, as well as the Ecto-9, a bright green brew straight from Ghostbusters, plus many more. Guests will not be disappointed by the taproom at 603. Their inviting indoor space is adorned with large windows that give a clear view of the brew lab, featuring aging barrels and fermentation alley. Outdoors, you’ll find a large patio with fire pits (dog friendly, of course!), perfect for relaxing on summer days. For the colder months, 603 has several large, cozy igloos, available for rent in two-hour time slots. The taproom even has a retail space where guests can purchase cans and bottles to take home, as well as trendy apparel and merchandise.


 Nothing goes better with good beer than good food. 603’s taproom features a scratch kitchen that dishes out inspired pub-style food, all sourced locally and never frozen. Featuring fun twists on classics like the Korean BBQ nachos, Gochujang chicken sandwich, and customizable brick oven pizzas, you’re sure to leave satisfied. 

It’s worth noting that 603 handled the Coronavirus pandemic remarkably well. They’ve taken a “roll with the punches” approach, and focused heavily on their to go offerings during the shutdown. They are so thankful for the community support they saw throughout the process, and due to their sustained business, they were able to retain all of their employees and continue supporting their team. 

Beer lovers: this one’s worth the trip. Whether you want to enjoy one of their classics, like the Winni Amber Ale, the Coffee Cake Porter, or try one of their experimental E09 brews, you won’t be disappointed by what 603 brewing has in store.


42 Main Street 

Londonderry, NH

 (603) 404-6123